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Event Concept

Let's go find modern Japan!

In Korea and Taiwan, due to the fact that interest in Japan is so high, lots of information is available on the Internet and in various media. For those people searching for real information, they have to consider what their "wants" are and what their "needs" are. Accordingly, in order to meet the newest "Wants and Needs", we will be delivering to them a variety of appealing sightseeing spots and eateries of Japan through "Let's go find modern Japan!"
Using opinions gathered from Koreans and Taiwanese, our aim was to find out what kinds of places they want to visit, taste, and experience by delivering real information about the Japan of now.

Taipei Event Report

「Explore REAL JAPAN」

Event day
Fri, Feb. 26,2016 PM5:30~PM7:00
PR Event
Sat, Feb. 27,2016 AM10:00~PM7:00
Sun, Feb. 28, 2016 AM10:00~PM7:00
Event Place
The reception on the 26th included greetings by guests from the Taiwanese side and, representing the organizer, Mr. Numata of the public interest incorporated foundation exchange association, in addition to PR booths and presentations on the stage by Japanese local government officials, refreshments, Japanese sake, and informal talks. On the 27th and 28th, a free program for general visitors from Taipei included PR booths by local governments and a presentations program, talks by travel bloggers, panel displays, and a okiagari-koboshi doll painting workshop.

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